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Founder: lani mcguire


pacific yogalates

IS A BOUTIQUE HOME YOGA AND PILATES STUDIO LOCATED IN LINDA VISTA, SAN DIEGO with the aim to create a nurturing sanctuary where individuals can unlock their true physical and mental potential.



We are so excited to introduce ourselves! PACIFIC YOGALATES is not your ordinary Yoga or Pilates studio. Located in beautiful Linda Vista, San Diego CA, Pacific Yogalates is a Afro-Latina woman and veteran owned fitness haven that fuses the practices of both Yoga and Pilates to a playlist of contemporary beats. We are currently offering private sessions, semi-privates and small group classes in a sun-soaked space. We are fully equipped with yoga mats, props, barre station, a reformer, springboard, combo chair, TRX suspension system and cannot wait to open our doors in December 2023!


Pacific Yogalates Studio was founded in 2023 with the belief that fitness can be both fun and effective, and that anyone can benefit from a mind-body practice. Inspired by the love of Yoga and Pilates, our founder Lani McGuire is a Marine veteran, and is both classically and comprehensively trained across all Pilates apparatus, as well as Yoga and Barre certified with +1,000 hours of teacher training. She created a space where people could come together to move their bodies and feel great while listening to energizing contemporary music. We take your wellness journey to heart at Pacific Yogalates, offering specialized prenatal and postnatal classes alongside flexible and affordable childcare options so you can prioritize self-care without compromising the care of your little ones.

A large part of our mission is to nurture and support mothers throughout their transformative prenatal and postpartum stages, aiding them as they reconnect with their bodies during the beautiful 
(and at times exhausting) journey of motherhood, all while fostering a vibrant community of individuals who strive to unearth their fullest potential in all facets of life.

Relieve tension, unwind and learn to love your fitness regimen. The feeling you get when you finish a Yogalates class is a harmonious fusion of strength, balance, and inner peace.


Our mission is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where people of all backgrounds and skill levels can achieve inner peace, balance and empowerment. Movement should not only benefit the body but also the mind and soul which is why we believe in making fitness accessible to everyone, and we offer donation-based classes and a community-focused approach to fitness. Come join us at Pacific Yogalates Studio and experience the ultimate fusion of Yoga and Pilates in a fun, welcoming, and uplifting environment.

Our Mission

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About the founder

My name is Lani McGuire

Hey there, I'm the heart and soul behind Pacific Yogalates, and I can't wait to share a bit about my journey with you. Back in 2011, at Syracuse University, I laid the cornerstone of my academic expertise with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science & Religion, it also happens to be where I took my first Yoga course. That was just the beginning. From this point on, my teaching journey is a bit of a whirlwind so buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the chapters – it's been quite the adventure! Fast forward to 2016, and I plunged into the world of wellness with Beginner and Intermediate mat intensive training at Power Pilates. That year, I was building the foundation of a powerful transformation when I found myself balancing two very different worlds. By day, I was immersed in the high-powered realm of corporate law, and by night, I was sharing my passion for Yoga and Pilates in the vibrant heartbeat of New York City. This juggling act illuminated the profound contrast between the fast-paced corporate world and the serene wellness practices I held dear. It was a turning point, a moment of clarity that ignited my journey towards something more fulfilling, both for me and those around me. 2017 was the real game-changer. That's when I embarked on what I affectionately call my "year-long intensive relationship" with Core Pilates NYC. Picture it as a transformational Pilates 'boot camp' that turned me into a full-fledged fitness enthusiast. We're talking bending, stretching, and flexing, all the right moves. And trust me, it was a whole lot more enjoyable than the classic push-ups and sit-ups combo the Marines are so well-known for (we'll get to that chapter soon). Through this remarkable 600-hour certification at Core Pilates NYC, I simultaneously took my yoga practice to the next level, completing the Y7 Yoga Mentorship and Yin/Yang Training at Rise & Shine Yoga in Ibiza, Spain, garnering 300 hours of expertise. But that's not all. In the same year, my zest for knowledge led me to a whirlwind of certifications - Anatomy in Clay, Anatomy According to Fascia, Modern Props, Pre and Post-Partum, Small Equipment and Special Cases, "Top Trainer" Structuring a Tower class, and an Advanced Reformer Intensive, all at Core Pilates NYC. The journey reached its high note in 2019 when I completed the Inspired Sequencing at Y7 Yoga, adding depth to my yoga practice. Huge plot twist in 2019 when I exchanged my yoga mat for a military cap and stepped into the United States Marine Corps as a Communications Officer. Talk about a sudden change of scenery! Little did I know, four years of rigorous Marine training would introduce me to a whole new level of discipline and let's just say, I discovered a a real knack in the art of staying calm under pressure. (But that's nothing on a tough Pilates session, right?) So, while the Marines taught me to stand tall and be unflinching in the face of adversity, Pilates and Yoga whispered sweet nothings in my ear about core strength, flexibility, maintaining inner peace and embracing a healthier lifestyle. These diverse experiences have all culminated in a passion for wellness that brings us to today, and I'm thrilled to share everything I have learned along the way with you as you begin your own incredible wellness journey!

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Our Charitable Efforts

We respect people and the planet. 

Our goal is to make lasting wealth creation and social change possible for those typically left on the outskirts of society. We believe in using our platform to serve our community.


There is a complex set of factors involved in veterans’ homelessness, such as the low emphasis our society places on Veteran care and the often displacement of those who serve.  There is an extreme shortage of affordable housing, difficulty finding and obtaining a livable income and access to health care. Additionally, a large number of displaced and at-risk veterans live with lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse and more conflictions. Our goal is to empower homeless and at-risk veterans to attain their highest level of independence. 

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Where we are going


Resources for veterans. Our goals in 2024 include providing $5,000 in donations to homeless veterans; the constellation of influences — individual and institutional — that shape their chances at upward mobility. The aim is to help facilitate a successful transition of military veterans and their families through the provision of housing, counseling, career development and comprehensive support. 

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